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Mr. Stephen Jeremy Tuggle

November 29, 1986 ~ June 26, 2019 (age 32)

Stephen Jeremy Tuggle was born November 29th, 1986 the eldest son of Steve Tuggle and the only son of Patricia Taylor.  He was a delightful child in disposition and the light of his mother’s life.  He was characterized by a big toothy grin and funny stories hewould invent to entertain and get others to laugh as well.  He took particular pleasure in family gatherings and traditions of the Tuggle clan, especially the Father’s Day tradition of the Tuggle men setting aside the day for themselves for fellowship established by his grandfather, James Tuggle. Being the unique person that he was, he included his son, Jaden and his daughter, Stephanie in the celebrations.

As a child, he absolutely delighted in other children and was very social.  The worst punishment for Stephen as a child was to keep him inside so that he couldn’t go outside or play with his neighborhood friends.  He happily welcomed Step-mother Harriet Tuggle and each new sibling as his father’s family grew and couldn’t wait to get a new sibling to enjoy at his mother’s home as well.  When his mother became a foster parent and Jerome Boyington was added to the family, he proudly boasted of his brother’s talents (one of which was the fastest kid on the block, and who like himself was a skillful artist, drawing wonderful pictures).

As Pokemon fan and collected and traded cards for years.  But Stephen had a very serious side too, and asked the deeper questions of life, not accepting pat answers like, ‘that’s just the way it is’, or because I said so.  He joined World Changer’s Church as a youth and sought answers to the true meaning of life. He wondered why a good and loving God would allow this world to be as it is, and why there such evil in the world and why do some people are so unkind to others.  He welcomed the opportunity to engage exhaustive conversations with people of all walks of life; never discriminating but holding value in everyone’s perspective.

Stephen graduated Morrow High School, determined not to endure another day of school, he joined the United States Navy.After one enlistment he returned home with a host of new friends and stories of adventure of his travels. He was introduced to the field of residential security systems installation and took great pride in his ability to leave each customer happier and safer after his visit to their home. He was drawn by freedom, the outdoors, the autonomy, the interaction with new people and thoroughly enjoyed the skill and rapid advancement to a lead technician and trouble shooter taking turns with the other specialist as they trained new recruits.  He enjoyed working with his hands and took pride in every job he held from shuttle driver for a local hotel, maintenance tech at Walmart, residential maintenance tech where he was introduced to HVAC, plumbing and other skills.  He was never lofty or pretentious or envious of the aspirations or careers of others but sought only to be able to be his own man, walking his personal path in life.

But the absolute love of Stephen’s life were his children, Jaden and Stephanie, upon whom he poured out his love. He never missed an opportunity to have them with him at friends houses on holidays and special occasions so that they could be a part of his network and grow up having diverse experiences in life, not being limited to a group, but valuing friends wherever you find them.  He showered them with kisses and hugs and assured them of his love for them.  He was ready to be a friend to anyone who was authentic, positively motivated, or striving to make their place in the world and he kept his friends close and often checked in with them and his siblings to see how everyone was doing and to share in their celebrations and successes.  Instantlyliked by most everyone he met, Stephen was a charming and hilariously entertaining and loving family member. A big brother, cousin and friend whose memory will be treasured by all who knew him.

Stephen Jeremy Tuggle is survived by his son, Jaden Robinson(10) and his daughter Stephanie Youngblood (6). His father Steve Tuggle and his mother Patricia Tuggle. 

Siblings: James Madison Avery Tuggle (26), Kellen Dennard Tuggle (23), Miriam Elizabeth Tuggle (21), Clarence Jerome Boyington (32).



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